If your brain is shaking, …

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity.” – Unknown

Why would you take a condition with regard to your psychological and emotional well being for granted? Mental Health has been an issue over the years. It’s no wonder that May, the Mental health awareness month was observed from way back from 1949 in the United States.

The state of one’s mind matters and plays a major role in their output. Here are some conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior;

Clinical depression normally characterised by a sombre depressed mood. Often causes lack of interest in the things happening around.

Anxiety disorders making one over worry. Being filled with a lot of fear.

Dementia Often characterised by gradual reduction in mental capacity. In some cases there’s emotional instability, speech impairment and a general loss of motivation to do anything.

Bipolar Disorder A person regarded to be with this condition usually experiences moments of high energy and positive emotion followed by bouts of depression and high risk of inflicting self harm.

Attention deficit/ hyperactive disorder characterized with heavily acting impulsively.

Schizophrenia affects a person’s ability to think, feel or behave clearly.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.(OCD) Excessive thoughts/obsessions that lead to repetitive behaviors (compulsions).

Autism. (Development disorder)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) Usually as a result of failure to get over a terrible situation. Common with eye witnesses of traumatic experience.

There’s a lot of conditions that may affect mental health and they all have triggers. Just like KARMA, or the law of physics, for every action, there’s equal but opposite reaction, things that happen to us also have an effect on us, especially on our mentality and emotions. However, we have control over these reactions; whether to let them consume us, or to become better people by overcoming the situation.

Poor mental health likewise has its triggers. Acknowledging the fact that you’re an addict to something is the first step to overcoming the addiction.

I could go on and on about mental health because I am all about empowerment and positivity. And I think I have said a lot, but trust me there’s much more you can find out to yourself. What you have read is but a drop in the ocean.

Do not let your struggle become your identity.
I write this on 31st May, 2020. A time when the world is fighting COVID-19 pandemic. A racist time when George Floyd cries out “I can’t breath” and is still killed. There’s so much happening. Our mental health is at stake. Let’s smile to that stranger and keep moving.

Written with lots of love.


Get into the habit of celebrating life

Celebrating life does not necessarily mean everything is going on perfectly. It simply means you are appreciating your journey and being proud of each step taken.

Often we get caught up with the things of this world. We get caught up with trying to make people happy, making sure we are successful, keeping up with the standards that we’ve probably set and when we do not succeed at it, we beat ourselves up.

You do not need to have achieved a great deal in order to celebrate. You might actually never achieve some of the goals that you think define you. Celebrating life on the other hand pushes you a step further. You’ll then look forward to seeing what way you’ll appreciate yourself once youve achieved goals. There’s no such thing as failure. Anyone who attempts to try has already made a step so regardless of whether the plans worked through or not, reward yourself, celebrate that step. Do not wait for birthdays, graduation, wedding, anniversaries, name it. Celebrate now. This life is one, and its a short one.


An adult caterpillar.

I’d lie if I said I knew the right age to date. But let me start from the roots.

As a toddler with a little mind, I always fancied having a 2-digit age. Imagine being 1 and 0! That’d be a full decade of years lived! For me, that was a stept to being termed as an adult. So I looked up to being 10.

Then 10 came…and I thought to myself, “Maybe being a teenager would feel better”. I felt good in 10. However I longed to feel legally free. Free to give my opinions on issues.(which I always did…at least I didnt have any remorse while I gave my views as much as I do now). 10 was beautifully innocent. 10 was ‘daddy’s girl’ season at its peak. I regret nothing about my young self. Still had the questions of; should I get a crush now!? Can I tell my ‘bestie’ and my ‘half bestie’ about it!? And we know at around that age, we get nicknames for our crushes. Mine was ‘rainbow'(I don’t even remember what the boy looks like now…nothing about him…not even his name. Lol)

So the teenage years smoothed it. I was growing. It didn’t hit me until I was now supposed to make decisions on my own. Its characteristic of females to be indecisive(a friend of mine always says), its not a thing to be proud of however… My first biggest decision was concerned with the subjects to offer at my Ordinary level(s3 and s4), and so I had to cross to different subjects inbetween there. Another issue I had was on whether or not I should date. I was a teenager. Feelings around that stage are at work…emotions…physically mentally… And all those ..ally(s) you might want to add.. But I still did not date…Maybe when I make 18 and I am officially an adult…

18 hit. I was scared. I still am… But I read somewhere. …do it scared but do it anyway…

Did I date, or did I not!? I’ll probably write some more on another cold night that will spark my soul.

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